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1xbet operates at alternative addresses in many countries. In South Korea, where there is a ban on gambling entertainment and betting, the operator will offer authorised participants to log in via backups. For a safe visit to the site, use 1xbet 우회주소. This is a mirror of the official site, which is completely the same in terms of functionality, but differs in the domain address. It is created by 1xbet programmers to bypass the blocking of the official site.

The need for a 1xbet mirror

Backups are often used on websites. This is one of the tools for safe entry to the portal, which for some reason is blocked in the country. You won’t be able to access 1xbet.com in South Korea via a direct link. You will see the following message on the screen: “The site is banned in your country”.

To circumvent the total ban, backups are created. They repeat all markets, promotions, options of the personal cabinet of the player, who may not even notice the substitution. The changes concern the address itself, where symbols and letters are added.

The profile information of the participant is stored on an external server. It is synchronised between all sites. You do not need to register twice!

Mirror helps to reduce the load on the official portal during long gaming sessions. The copy reduces traffic consumption and allows you to quickly open the pages of the site.

As you can see, the mirror has many advantages. However, in countries with limited access to online markets, blocking is very common. A mirror can suddenly shut down. This means that the National Gambling Control Authority has already sent a copy to the blacklist. If the link stopped opening, you need to find a new source of entry (the backup database is constantly updated).

How safe is a 1xbet mirror

Each mirror has modern protection against bots, Internet fraudsters and DDOS-attacks. It will not be possible to do without an alternative address in South Korea, so an authorised player should know the basics of safe behaviour on the offshore portal.

  1. Finding a mirror is not a problem, however, there are some resources that are deliberately infected with viruses. If you find a link on an unknown site, be sure to check it for malware.
  2. There are many phishing sites in the public domain that replicate 1xbet’s design. For security purposes, check any source: open the main sections of the menu and specify your password at the entrance. If it does not fit or the operator requires you to pay the bill by details, close the link, as it is fraudulent.
  3. Backup copy of the site complies with international security standards. In the address bar you will see a closed padlock, which indicates SSL encryption of the end-to-end type.
  4. When signing the contract, study the “Terms and Conditions” clause, which clearly spells out the client’s responsibility. Once you have authorised on the site, you must not divulge account details. This is one of the security measures that the operator requires to comply with.


1xbet is chosen by more than 1,000,000 users from 312 countries. Despite the company’s illegal position in South Korea, it has been increasing its sales in the country all the time. In 2023, the number of active users exceeded 300,000 people. The operator helps them find a safe 1xbet 우회주소, makes mailing addresses in public sources, on the official Telegram channel, as well as sends mirrors to the emails of authorised members.

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